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Fluid Film Rust Protection

Rust's Worst Enemy, Fluid Film is a solvent free, non-toxic, rust and corrosion protection solution.

Rust's Worst Enemy

  • Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Vehicle Undercoating
  • Superior Lubricant
  • Long-Term Penetrant
  • Environmentally Friendlier
  • Solvent Free
  • Non-Toxic

Download the Fluid Film Original and Black Guide in PDF Format:
Fluid Film Guide

Type Volume Code
Brush Top Can 237 ml #5207
Aerosol 145 g #1450
Aerosol 333 g #3300
Can 3.79 L #3700
Pail 18.9 L #4300
Drum 208 L #4500
Stock #’s 1450 & 3300 are Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved (CFIA #N184)


Naturally Derived Material

Utilizes the unique molecular action derived from wool-wax, a nature-given material (lanolin) and other corrosion inhibiting ingredients. One of the best lubricants and corrosion control agents found in nature today. In use for over 60 years in the highly corrosive marine environments of ships and offshore drilling rigs.

Provides Long Term Protection for All Your Tools & Equipment

Protective Properties Start Working Immediately

Fluid Film - developed and perfected as an unparalleled rust and corrosion control system with non-drying properties for superior lubrication and is a long term penetrant. Once in place, it stays put forming a continuous, durable, always active, protective barrier. Will not harm painted or plastic surfaces. Will not harm oil resistant seals. Take care when applying near rubber. If overspray occurs on seals, wipe with a clean cloth as it may cause swelling. Repels and resists water washout. Excellent water proofing with “no drip” bonding properties. Fluid Film penetrates right through rust, stopping all metal deterioration on contact. Migrates to inaccessible areas by capillary action. Impregnates the pores of exposed metal, keeping moisture and oxygen out.

Terminates both natural and industrial atmospheric corrosion

Eliminates the destructive corrosive effects of harsh chemicals such as salt, calcium, sodium chloride, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and many more. Fluid Film prevents steel from rusting; aluminum, magnesium, copper, tin, brass and zinc from oxidizing; chrome and bronze from pitting. Certified salt spray test - 1800 hrs. US navy and 10 NSN (Military Numbers).

Vehicle Undercoating Application instructions

Shake well before using. Apply Sparingly. Apply Fluid Film “NAS” by brush, roller, dipping or pressurized sprayer at 60 to 80 psi (at the sprayer) with spray nozzle orifice of 40 - 50 thou. Keep Container Tightly Closed.

Fluid Film Undercoating: Give the vehicle’s undercarriage a blast of water to clean off any excess dirt and let the heavy water drip off for 5 minutes. Apply to the panels and doors as normal. Apply Fluid Film right over the damp metal. If dripping occurs then you are over-applying the product. If previously undercoated, please check for product compatibility.

Rust's Worst Enemy, Fluid Film is a solvent free, non-toxic, rust and corrosion protection solution distributed by NLS Products.

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